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Applications and Policies

CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY (11/14/96) (Amended 5/13/99, 4/9/05 and 1/8/15) per standing rule #2  

“Cutoff” dates and non-refundable deposits for trips and activities may vary according to transportation, lodging or other associated deposits. Cutoff dates for trips and activities will be established for each trip or activity by the Executive Board and published in the monthly newsletter. All cancellations must be made to the Trip Leader in writing or via e-mail. Refunds will be made as follows:

  • For cancellations before the published cutoff date, a full refund of all monies paid will be issued in a timely manner, less any Executive Board-approved cancellation processing fee established and published in conjunction with the trip or activity advertisement in the monthly newsletter.
  • For cancellations after the cutoff date, refunds will be as follows:

    a. For any trip or activity where the allotted number of spaces are completely reserved and a replacement can be found, a cancellation may be made and a full refund issued, less any processing fees, as described in paragraph 1, above, anytime prior to the departure of the trip or the start of the activity, provided the replacement person pays the full amount due, in accordance with the payment schedule for the trip or activity.

    b.  If a replacement cannot be found, the member canceling the trip or activity may submit, in person, in writing, or via email, a request for a refund. This request must be sent to either the trip leader, the appropriate VP or directly to the Executive Board. The request must be submitted within 15 days after the scheduled start date of the trip or activity and shall state the reason for the cancellation and the amount of refund requested. Requests will only be considered by the Executive Board, and refunds will only be made, once the trip or activity is completed and the full financial statement has been submitted for review and approval, as described in Standing Rule #13. Any refund approved by the Executive Board will come from recoverable expenditures derived from the specific trip or activity and not from the Club’s general fund.

    c.  Refunds will be distributed no later than 180 days after the first scheduled day of the trip or activity.

TRIP MANAGEMENT AND CONDUCT (11/14/96)(Amended 4/9/05 and 1/8/15) per standing rule #5  

  • All Trip Leaders shall be at least 21 years of age.
  • Trips shall be run as advertised, unless ski conditions, safety or well being of trip participants dictate otherwise, in which case, the decision for an alternate plan rests with the Vice President of Ski Trips, Day Trips, or Tour Trips (as appropriate) or the President prior to departure. After departure, this authority rests with the trip leader.
  • Conduct by any individual which is offensive or hazardous to others or that does not project a good image of the Club could result in expulsion from the trip at the nearest place of public lodging or transportation by the authority of the trip leader. The trip leader will provide a review of the circumstances at the next Executive Board meeting with a board decision to maintain or cancel the individual’s Club membership.
  • Individuals will be held responsible for any damage to personal or real property of others. 
  • Club arranged accommodations cannot be shared with non-trip participants. 

GROUND TRANSPORTATION SMOKING POLICY (11/14/96) per standing rule #7  

  • Smoking will only be allowed during scheduled stops approximately every two hours of travel, if requested. NO smoking inside the travel vehicle is allowed.
  • Trips under two hours in duration will be classified as “non-smoking trips.” 

PARTIAL SKI TRIP PACKAGES (11/14/96) (amended 4/9/05) per standing rule #8  

  • For trips involving a request to delete air (or other packaged form of transportation) service, only the actual cost of the ticket will be deducted from the trip price. The participant’s portion of the club’s overhead cost, including ground transportation to the airport or rail station used for the trip, will be included in the partial trip price.
  • All requests for partial trip packages will only be honored to the point where the Club may drop reserved seats without penalty from the tour operator and/or the carrier.
  • If a request for a partial trip participation is made and honored, the participant must make payment in the full amount within 5 days of the approval notification. A “partial” trip payment is not refundable unless the trip is canceled. CANCELLATION CUT-OFF DATES DO NOT APPLY. The club will not refund or attempt to “resell” partial trip packages should the participant drop from the trip anytime after payment is made. 
  • Requests to exclude lift tickets from a trip package must be made at the time of sign up. Requests for partial trip packages, including lift tickets, will only be honored to the point where the Club may drop such tickets, or other items, without penalty or loss of income (including any comp). Unless otherwise approved by the Vice President of Ski Trips, the member requesting “no lifts” will pay the full trip price. After the trip is completed, the unused lift ticket will be returned by the Club to the tour operator or the ski area for possible refund. Any refund will then be made to the member by Club check. Refunds may not be possible if purchase and use of a lift ticket by all trip participants is required for the Club to receive a discounted “group rate.”

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